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BV 02.10.2013,Written Update,Jagi left Haveli

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0uSgnATSumi resumes, you could have talked to Sanchi or come to us, but no.. you took decision by yourself. Now I feel that Sanchi’s father is right that you were waiting for an opportunity to get married to Ganga. Jagya says, trust me.. Ganga is not the reason.. if it was like that, then I would have married Ganga 6 months ago. I had realized back then that I love Ganga, but I kept it to myself and didn’t tell anyone.. not even Ganga.. thinking that I am engaged to Sanchi and stepping back from it would be like hurting both families. That is why I went to Mumbai with the excuse of studies. However, when I heard Sanchi talking to her friends, I realized what she wants from this marriage.. what are her intentions.. what she thinks about my family, I couldn’t control myself. I wanted to take blame on myself so that is why I went there myself. I returned home and was about to tell you all, but I got call from Mangalore that Ganga is in problem, so I had to go there. Then situations became such that I married Ganga. Today I can say with full confidence that Ganga is best fit for me.. not just me, but also for our family. Dadisa says, but you still messed up everything by doing what you wanted. You didn’t think about Anandi at all. We thought you before too not to do anything that would put Anandi into a trouble. That is what you did.. because of you Anandi’s in-laws broke relationship with us. Would she be able to live in her sasural now?
Dadisa gets up and goes to Jagya, remember.. if any problem comes in Anandi’s life, then I will never forgive you. Anandi means a lot to this house.. more than you.. you broke marriage, she didn’t give up. She brought you back to this house. Today you separated her from this house. Separated a daughter from her house. Jagya says, I am feeling bad for it as well.. problem came in her life again because of me.. i know how much you all love Anandi.. now I can just pray that no problem comes in her life because of what I did. This time, I didn’t do this for myself.. you all must be thinking that I sent happiness back which came to this house, but trust me.. if I didn’t take this step, then we would had to suffer a lot in future. I want to live with my own family, but seems like, you all don’t want that. If there is no place for Ganga in this house, then it means that there is no place for me either.He bends to touch Dadisa’s feet, but she steps back. Jagya is shocked. He’s leaving, but Dadisa stops him. He seems to be happy, but then Dadisa tells him to take all belongings as well so he doesn’t have to return to this house. Jagya is shocked. Dadisa continues, if you leave this house, then you will have to break your link with everything related to this house. Along with this house, hospital’s doors are also closed for you. Jagya is more shocked. He goes to his room and comes back with his bag. Rishte Bharose song plays in the background.. he slowly slowly leaves the house, completely shocked and hurt. Dadisa seems to have felt bad after he leaves as she closes her eyes.
Jagya comes to Ganga and Mannu. Ganga tells him, what did you do doctor sahab? You left your family because of me. I can’t take this sin on myself.. I can’t be the reason to separate you from your family. I will take care of myself. Jagya says, without my permission, you can’t go anywhere.. can’t do anything. It’s my rights as a husband.. and your duty for being a wife. Remember.. don’t ever think about going away from me. I exist because of you. My whole life is because of you.. I won’t be able to live without you. He puts his hand around her shoulder, he turns and looks at his house before leaving. Jagya, Ganga, Mannu leave from there.
They are hospital now. Jagya is collecting all his belongings from there. Lal Singh tells him, you can’t leave like this. You can’t leave your responsibility. People here have lots of hope from you. Jagya says, decision is taken. It may not be mine, but if I can’t listen to my family for this, then it would be a shame on me. Lal Singh then asks, what’s the plan? Jaipur or Mumbai. Jagya says, I won’t go anywhere from Jaitsar. I may not be coming to hospital or living in my house, but I will live near my house. Lal Singh then asks him to give his bag to him. Jagya asks, why? He says, if you will live in Jaitsar, then it’s obvious you would live in my house. Jagya says, I will find some rent house. Lal Singh says, when your friend is here.. how will you live elsewhere. Jagya says, it’s not just about me.. there is Ganga, Mannu, and Ghanshyam Kaka too. Lal says, so what? We will adjust. Lal asks Ganga to explain to Jagya. Ganga tells Jagya, until we don’t find a place, we can stay there. Lal says, so it’s final.. majority is on my side.. you all will live in my Taj Mahal with me. Jagya nods as a yes.
Ira is with Sanchi. She is trying to console Sanchi. She says, I don’t think you’re in loss from what happened… it’s that guy’s loss.. if someone wants a rock from road instead of a moon.. then we should understand that that person is worth of that rock only.. he doesn’t know what diamond’s value is. He said one thing right that you and him are no match. Where you.. and where him. He was not worth for you. The God must have thought of a better life partner for you.. that is why you got saved from this. Sanchi says, no.. Jagdish is a very good guy.. if he was not wroth for me, then why would I choose him. You know how many guys tried to come closer to me, but I didn’t give anyone permission to become my friend. This is not done by Jagdish.. someone must have provoked him against me. I am sure Ganga and Anandi bhabhi are involved in this. Right then Anandi comes there with lunch (don’t think she heard anything). She requests Sanchi to eat something, but Sanchi doesn’t want to eat. Ira asks Anandi, if you were on Sanchi’s place, then would you be able to eat? Anandi says, I was just.. Ira says, please.. try to understand Sanchi’s problem. Your family didn’t understand.. but at least you understand. I don’t think they even realize how much Sanchi got hurt by this. It’s so shameful.. don’t they have any responsibility? Their son did such a big betrayal with Sanchi, and no one said anything. They just stood there quiet. If anyone had done this with their daughter, then would they be quiet? No, right? Anandi has nothing to say. Ira says, it’s easy for a man to make a mistake and forget everything, but for a woman.. it’s not easy. On top of that, taunts from the society. In my point of view, it’s not only Jagdish who is responsible for this.. every single one from your family is responsible for this. I feel like teaching them a lesson so they can’t dare to do this to anyone else. Sanchi shouts at Anandi and asks her to leave from there and let her stay alone with Ira. Anandi has tears in her eyes as she leaves from there.
Anandi comes to her room, crying. She recalls Ira’s words and cries more. She then recalls Shiv’s words as well. Shiv enters now. Anandi wipes out her tears. Shiv takes a file and is leaving. Anandi asks him, where are you going? Shiv says, to study room.. I have to finish some work. Anandi says, do here only na.. Shiv says, no.. it will take time. You sleep.. there is no need to wait for me. He leaves. Anandi cries. Screen freezes on her crying face.
Precap: Sanchi’s friends tell her, you will have to fight for your love. You will have to do anything to win Jagdish.. by hook or by crook. He just filled maang.. didn’t take pheres. Go and stop him. There is no need to accept your defeat and sit quiet.
Other side, Lal’s wife tells Jagya that this wedding is incomplete. Jagya agrees

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