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BV 1st october 2013 written update,Ganga and Jagi

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1374380_345548915591096_1020969060_nGanga and Jagi

Dadisa asks Bhairo what they have to do next. Bhairo says, I don’t know what to say. Sumi enters saying, what are you saying? Our son destroyed that girl’s future, and you’re saying you don’t know what to say. Bhairo says, what do you want me to do? Pick up a gun and shoot him? Sumi says, we can at least talk to Sanchi and her family. She picks up the phone. Bhairo says, no.. by doing that Sanchi will get hurt more. Sumi then says, I am sure Ganga took decision of becoming nurse so she can stay around jagya and trap him for the marriage. Dadisa says to Bhairo, no one can change what’s happened.. but we will have to apologise to them for the insult that their family got. They may not forgive, but we have to apologise. Bhairo says, okay. He calls at Sanchi’s house. Daddu picks it up. He says, if there is anything important, then say.. it’s very late. Bhairo apologises to them on behalf of Jagya. Daddu says, I don’t have time, nor desire, to take forgiveness. He hangs. Dadisa says, I am worried for Anandi.. hope she doesn’t get into trouble because of all this.. it’s not even her fault in this. She prays for Anandi.
Shiv is sitting on a chair, remembering how much Sanchi was attracted to Jagya, Ganga and Jagya’s marriage. Sanchi crying to Jagya. Jagya refusing that he doesn’t love Sanchi. He seems in very angry mood. Anandi comes there. She tells him to go and talk to Sanchi.. she will feel good. Shiv says, what can I tell her? That I couldn’t do anything when that guy kept betraying her. I just left him because he has relationship with your family. Otherwise I don’t know what would I have done with him. You know him very well.. you could have said to us to decide something after thinking carefully.. that he is not trustworthy. He gets up and leaves from there.
At Jagya’s house, everyone is in the hall. Bhairo says, seems like something really bad is going to come. Dadisa says, it already happened.. how much it affected us…. we will find that out now. And then they hear Mannu’s voice calling Dadisa. They turn, and see Jagya, Ganga, Mannu entering the house. Ganga seems very scared. Jagya gestures her that he will take care of everything. Sumi stops them from coming forward. She goes to them and says to Jagya, what are you made for? You’re not ashamed at all of bringing this woman here? Have you forgotten that this is not a house.. this is a mandir where you don’t keep flowers from streets. Jagya says, I don’t think there was anything wrong in what happened.. I agree.. the way it happened.. it was not right. Mistake is mine. Ganga has no fault in this. Youngers have rights to apologise to the elders.. don’t take away that right. Sumi says, this is your problem.. you believe in rights instead your duty. Apology is for a mistake, not a sin. You have done a sin and that too for a woman who has no identity and character. Look at your father, tausa, dadisa.. they used to feel proud in front of everyone, but today.. because of this girl we can’t show our face to anyone. Don’t think that this woman will get any corner to live in this house. You can leave from here.
Dadisa goes to them now. She tells Jagya, in spite after so much happened, you brought Ganga to this house? She tells Ganga, don’t waste the love and respect that you got from this house.. think one more time.. what will happen to this elderly lady.. I spent ages to earn this respect.. from what he’s doing, everything will be destroyed.. which I can’t let this happen. I want to maintain this house’s respect for Bhairo and Basant. They are stars of my eyes.. they are still with me. Have some mercy on this elderly lady.. please leave from here. Ganga is leaving, but Jagya grabs her hand and stops her. Ganga tells him, I am outside. Jagya lets her go now.
Bhairo tells Jagya, you’re not a kid.. isn’t it your duty to tell your family what’s going on in your mind.. what you want. Jagya says, if I had told you all about this.. would anyone understand me? If I had told you all that Sanchi is not worth for this house.. would you all believe me? Maa.. Dadisa interrupts and says, I was here.. your father was here.. you could have told us. We are not that silly that we wont be able to understand you. You approved for your rishta with Sanchi by yourself, then we went ahead with it. Why didn’t you say at that time and telling now who is worth of what and who isn’t? You broke rishta with Anandi’s sasural.. we can’t show our faces to them. It would had been better if I had died instead seeing this day. Basant comes to Dadisa and asks her to relax. Basant tells Jagya, tell me now why Sanchi is not worth of becoming bahu of this house. What is that that you thought we won’t be able to understand you.
Jagya says, like you all, I also thought that Sanchi wants to come to this house.. wants to become part of this house, but that day.. when I heard everything myself.. I was shattered. He tells everyone about Sanchi’s conversation with her friends in a restaurant. Sumi says, and by hearing all that you decided that you won’t marry Sanchi? and married Ganga? They said in hospital why Sanchi said all that.. didn’t you think to try to talk to Sanchi? You were engaged to her.. you had full rights to question her. but no.. you didn’t talk to her.. nor you told us anything. You took such big decision by yourself. Now I feel Sanchi’s father is correct.. that you were just waiting for an excuse to marry Ganga. Jagya tells Sumi, trust me.. Ganga is not the reason.. if it was like that, then I would have married Ganga 6 months ago. Screen freezes on Jagya’s face.

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Precap: Jagya tells his family, if you all think that there is no place for Ganga in this house, then there is no place for me either. He’s leaving. Dadisa stops him and tells him to take all his belongings as well. She says, With this house, hospital’s doors are closed for you as well.
Ira is with Sanchi and Anandi. Ira tells Anandi, with Jagdish, his family is also responsible. I feel like teaching them a lesson so they can’t dare to do this with anyone else.

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