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BV 28th September 2013 Written Episode

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jdiJycyEwetBbSumi is shouting at Ganga. Congrats.. in end you got what you wanted. I kept saying that this woman is bad luck for us, but no one believed me. No one saw your true face because of your magic. I was afraid of this since she came to our house. Ganga is crying. Sumi continues, we all almost lost our lives because of her.. and today she made my son fill her maang.

She asks Ganga, Do you have any shame? You destroyed future of person who helped you so much. You could at least have thought about our respect in the society. How Dadisa must be feeling who kept you in our house as Anandi. You got what you wanted, but look at her (Sanchi is crying). Now I know why Ratan wanted to kill you so badly.. you must have held his hand until you needed, and as soon as you saw Jagya, you must have left him. Ganga continues crying.Sumi continues, Woman like you.. why am I calling a woman? You’re a disgrace on woman’s name, Ganga. Ganga? Who kept your name as Ganga? You’re a disgrace on Ganga mata’s name. She grabs her hand and pushes her. Jagya finally speaks, enough, maa.. enough. Ganga says, no doctor sahab.. she is right. I am the reason for all the troubles, everyone’s sorrow. Until how long, you will suffer because of me? I am not worth for that.. I don’t have any relationship with you.. then why doctor sahab why? Jagya says, who told you that you have no relationship with me? You mean whole world to me. You’re my love. Everyone is shocked!! Jagya continues, I had realized this long time ago, but I don’t know why I kept hiding it from myself and everyone. And today if I accepted you, then it’s not because I feel bad for you, but it’s because I love you. Sanchi cannot believe this. Jagya continues, if I had accepted this before, then no one would feel hurt today. Sanchi turns Jagya to her and asks, how could you? What are you saying? You love me. Jagya says, no.. I don’t love you. Despite you trying, I couldn’t attach myself to you because I never loved you. All Shekhars are very angry.

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Written Episode

Ira goes to Jagya and slaps him hard. She says, don’t dare to say a word more and hurt my daughter. If one more tear falls from her eye, then you can’t imagine what I will do. We made mistake that we came here to apologise to you. If you wanted to fill this woman’s maang, then why did you come to our house and did drama of greatness? Why did you say all that rubbish? You should have said that you’ve fallen for this woman, we would have understood because your nature is like that only.
Alok now comes forward and shouts, look at tears in her eyes. How much you have hurt my daughter. He tells Sanchi, I had warned you the very first day.. but what to do? You fell in love with him. He has only used you. He kept talking about marriage with you, but loved this woman. He just needed one chance.. you made a mistake and he showed his true color. He blamed you and broke the rishta.

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